the hecklers

established 2013


The Hecklers are a rock 'n' roll band consisting of Cody Boyer on drums, Eefer Nuncio on guitar, and David Loftin on bass, with both Eefer and David lending vocals.

The Hecklers employ a variety of effects and techniques to convey a unique and hard-hitting message to the audience. Eccentric drums, flowing bass, and melodic guitar come together to form an eclectic sound that epitomizes the band's work. Top it off with a pair of astounding vocal harmonies and you have The Hecklers.

The Hecklers released their debut EP, "Dew on the Grass in the Morning", in July of 2014. Carrying on that momentum, their follow-up album, "Loverboys & Wanderers", released in August of 2015.

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